Born out of a desire to rejuvenate the local music scene, Undercult seeks to promote artists by establishing a musical collective. Not restricting ourselves to a particular genre, we plan to collaborate with artists from all musical backgrounds.

Above all, Undercult has been established as a method of giving back to society, through music and subsequent musical performances by the artists in our collective. We at Undercult plan to organise charity driven events, for the benefit of the underprivileged youth not just in the two cities of Delhi and Kolkata, but throughout the country.

UC for Society

Undercult aims to host a series of charity concerts from which all proceeds will be donated to organisations working for the betterment of society.

UC for Musicians

Undercult aims to help up-and-coming musicians by providing them with a platform to play and gain exposure. We will also be curating a monthly playlist called ‘Undercult Sounds’ with our favourite local music on our Soundcloud. You can send us your work here:  contact@undercult.in

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Meet The Team

Sammad Grover

Founder + A&R

Sammad isn’t very good at writing third-person bios about himself. He makes some sort of electronica, plays the bass (sort of), and is involved with a host of other activities. He also moonlights as a 12th grade humanities student. Sammad's continuous involvement with the local music scene and desire to give back to society culminated in the idea of Undercult - a way to combine both.

Kanishk Gomes

Founder + Management

Kanishk Gomes, is a 12th grade humanities student in St. Xavier's School, Kolkata. While not wiling away his time in various extra curricular and co curricular events, Kanishk tries his best to give back to society. Being a self proclaimed connoisseur of all things musical, Kanishk is of the opinion that music is an extremely powerful tool. It is this thought process that led him to establish Undercult. He has nothing but high hopes for Undercult in the future.

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Contact Us

Sammad Grover (Delhi): (+91) 9810089807

Kanishk Gomes (Kolkata): (+91) 8334922269

Email: contact@undercult.in
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